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Kids Art Table with Blackboard, Clear Acrylic Board and Indoor Storage for Sand


The German Design Award (GDA), one of the most prestigious awards in the design landscape across all industries, is the premium award presented by the German Design Council. With its worldwide spectrum and international appeal, it was a special honor for the Luula team to receive an invitation to be nominated for the prestigious award for 2024 for their product, Luula Set.
With genuine pride, we are thrilled to share the news that Luula Ltd. has been honored as a WINNER of the GDA 2024. Celebrated for ‘Excellent Product Design in Baby and Child Care,’ our innovative workstation for children up to the age of ten has been recognized by the esteemed jury.
We invite you to explore the Jury statement about our award-winning creation HERE.
Every year, the Kind + Jugend Exhibition in Cologne hosts a special highlight – the award ceremony for the Innovation Award. This exhibition stands as one of the most prestigious annual showcases of children’s products in Europe and is renowned among industry specialists worldwide. The  Innovation Award recognizes exceptional, innovative new products and further developments within the baby and toddler outfitting industry across eight distinct categories.
In the Kind+Jugend 2022 Innovation Award “Kids Furniture” category, the Luulas team had the honor of being one of the four nominees.

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Philosophy of everyday life: exciting learning activities in the form of games, being together, and mutual respect – age-old topics for all parents. Follow the opinions of various experts on questions that arise in every family where children grow up!

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sensory storytelling: luula's tables user manual

Welcome to the world of multisensory storytelling! Unlike traditional stories that rely solely on visual and auditory elements, sensory stories incorporate all the senses, including touch, smell, sound, taste, visual materials, and movement, creating a truly multi-sensory adventure- especially beneficial for toddlers and children on the autism spectrum. Within this instructional guide, we will delve into the features and capabilities of the Luula Table, demonstrating how it can breathe life into stories.
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Luulas is a high-end children's furniture brand that's great for more than just learning at home. They not only offer the type of furniture that should be used in children's room, but also a reliable support for developmental professionals. They are perfect for educational support institutions such as Montessori centres and for physiotherapy rooms. Check out the testimonials of child development professionals from different fields, including those working with children with developmental disabilities.

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I have bought a Climbing Triangle Set 3 in 1 with Handle Screws for my 1,4 years old toddler. The product is absolutely beautiful and of a high quality. The wood is smooth, warm, very pleasant to the touch. The set is fast and easy to build, whereby the handle screws are quite handy to quickly adjust the height or add an element. My toddler really loves this set, and after just a few days he already made a significant progress in his climbing abilities and body control. Also, the customer service is very friendly and helpful. I can only recommend the product as well as the Luula as a seller

Natalia, Germany


This article is so beautiful. Our little one likes to play in the "cottage", likes to lie in the swing and climbing of course also. Everything you need is there. The product is very stable and an adult can easily sit in the bow.
The contact and communication with the seller was very nice and sympathetic. I would order here again. Thanks :-)

Childrens Montessori Furniture by Luula
Mery from Germany


I think you'll get the emotion of my little girl.
Later on, it was hard to take her to bed! 😅

Once again, I have no words to describe you support. It was outstanding!!!
Thank you so much.

The last but not least, I really really LOVE the Jule desk. ❤

The best gift for toddlers - Julle table from Luula
Montessori learning with Julle table
Luula desks for Montessori learning / gift for toddler
Karina from Portugal


Wow, what can I say, just beautiful and perfectly timed arriving on my sons birthday.
Delivery to Australia wasn’t a trouble, arrived within a week and tracking kept me well informed.
The desk is well made, very easy to put together. Only two types of screws and straight forward.
I’m expecting to get several years out of the desk. Just perfect as my son starts school and he’s so excited having his own desk.

Thank you again Inga. You’ve made my purchase so easy and hope that you have many more happy customers o come. All the best, kind regards, Julian

Julian from Australia


We got the complete gym that arrived just as our boy turned 7 months old. The product is of excellent quality, and we're looking forward to many good years of use. I am still airing the pieces to get rid of some off gassing, but it's very slight. I did my research for for this type of play gym for a month and I'm very pleased having settled on Luu.la. I highly recommend it!

Childrens Montessori Furniture by Luula
Deepie from Texas


we love it! its so durable and can be transformed in so many fun ways!!! arrived so quickly!

Childrens Montessori Furniture by Luula
Pia from Haiti


Luu Table Montessori desk with blackboard
Montessori at home
Roberta from Italy


I was looking for a solid desk for our 4 years old and this is the perfect match. The delivery was fast. The mounting is very simple, no instruction needed. I highly recommend this work!!

Lou from France


Beautiful wood and Well made! 🙂

Rocker/ Climbing Arch for Baby
Gail from California


Great customer service, very friendly, all questions were answered in advance in detail and very quickly. Our daughter loves her triangle and her seesaw. Great quality, easy setup, based on the pictures. Something was missing from our order, it was immediately corrected and a subsequent delivery was arranged. Top, very fast shipping💗

Childrens Montessori Furniture by Luula
Marie from Germany


Our son is totally in love witch his new swing. :) Great quality and easy to esamble.

Rocker Arch by Luu.la
Elektro from Germany


They were very helpful and communicating transparently. The desk and chair are of amazing quality and the setup was straight forward. I’m really happy about the purchase.

Megan from Czech Republic


Everything Fine!!

Childrens Montessori Furniture by Luula
Lisa from Germany


Really nice table. Great customer support. Thank you!

Adjustable ergonomic children chair by Luula
Magdalena from Germany


Five stars !!!! I purchased this for my 2 year old grandson. It was so fantastic I ordered another arch and ramp for his 1 year old brother.... thank you !!

Childrens Montessori Furniture by Luula
Cyntia from California


We got the entire set (2x A frame, Rocker, and plank). We're happy with it. It's good quality plywood, strong, and was easy to assemble with a drill and hex bit (allen wrench bit). Otherwise it would probably have taken quite a bit longer. Our daughter is loving it, she's climbing, rocking, and sliding. The cushion for the rocker was really well done and a great color (we got the ochre). The one detail we may have to address is the cushion sliding on the rocker, I may put small velcro patches to hold it in place a little better. The plywood is extremely smooth.

Justin from Washington


Childrens Montessori Furniture by Luula
Monique from Germany


A bit pricey but well worth it because you can customise it in many different ways. Our 1 year old loves being in it on the mattress (super soft material) and just throw balls down the arch. He is trying to climb it but need some more practice. Packaging is great with a fast delivery and great customer

Pikler's Inspired Climbing Triangle Set
Brigi from Belgium


Very nice part. My son (4y.) likes it. I have tried 2 other climbing frames before and I hope this one is the right one. Lots of play opportunities. Good editing. Quality of material surprised me positively.

Indor playground Set/ Hilltown Climber by Luula
Lidya from Germany


Love the desk. Great quality.

Childrens Montessori Furniture by Luula
Janet from Oregon


Adjustable Montessori Kids Table and Chair Set Luula with Clear Acrylic & Chalk Blackboard, Sand Storage
Tania from Mexico


I ordered the climbing triangle, the ramp and the arch/rockers for my daughter. Shipping was super fast, the quality is awesome and it looks beautiful. My daughter loves it! I can recommend it 100%!

Climbing Set / Indoor Playground
Jacky from Germany


I bought this for my grand daughter to have at my house, it is so beautiful, well made and she loves it so much that I purchased another one right away for her to have at her house!

Childrens Waldorf Furniture by Luula
Mary from Kansas


Quickly sent, construction was also relatively fast and the elements are also nicely processed.

Hilltown Climber Climbing Triangle Set
Carolin from Germany


The product is very nicely processed, the surface is very smooth from the paintwork. Very easy installation. Delivery was quick and easy.

Transformable, Adjustable, Foldable Pikler Triangle, Swinging Arch and Ramp Set
Jonas from Switzerland


We bought the full package of this wonderful climbing set. Our little daughter loves it. Amazing quality, easy to set up. Would buy it again 🤩

Luula Hilltown Climber Pikler's triangle climbing playground set
Natalie from Germany


Childrens Waldorf Furniture by Luula
Christina from Germany


Childrens Pikler's Inspired Furniture by Luula
Carina from Germany


Super easy to assemble, top quality, robust and sau he worked. Just great. We love the stuff.

Pikler climbing structure/ arch and triangle/ Hilltown Climber
Michelle from Germany


Very great play bow/seesaw!
Clear purchase recommendation of our site!
The product is very versatile and is very well received!
The shipment took place very quickly within a few days!
The assembly went smoothly and very easily!

Kidss Montessori Furniture by Luula
Katy from Germany


Was a Christmas present for my two daughters 😊
Super quality
We're all totally excited about it

Childrens Montessori Furniture by Luula
Tatiana from Germany


Our son loves it! I can strongly recommend the whole set.

Childrens Pikler's Inspired Furniture by Luula
Julia from Germany


Cinq étoiles

Childrens Waldorf Furniture by Luula
Sanaa from Belgium


Such a beautiful and well made piece of furniture! My toddler is enjoying it every day and I love to play on the mat with the newborn. It was delivered very quickly and I'm really glad we chose this full set climbing swing thing 😃🙌👍

Children rocker with mattress
Liga from Denmark


pretty! high quality, cleanly processed

Transformable Foldable Children's Playground Pikler's Climbing Triangle Set
Chris from Germany


fünf Sterne🤍

Children's Play Gym / foldable climbing set Hilltown Climber
Martina from Germany


It's beautiful, easy to assemble, and my daughter loves it. Highly recommend.

Childrens Montessori Furniture by Luula
Nicole from Germany


Summary: - Kids love it, great versatility, easy assembly (use drill w 5/32" hex bit, don't do it with allen wrenches!). - Fast (next day) shipping. - Minor safety issues - needs piece to 'lock' ramp/table so it doesn't come off when kids are on it. - Needs to be 3" wider to work perfectly with Nugget. - No spare hardware provided. - Shipping costs suck to the US, but not seller's fault for that. After having for 3 months, it's worth it!

Transformable climbing set playhouse with table Hilltown Climber
Lauren from US


We bought a few pieces the Climbing Triangle, Ramp, and Arch/ Rocker. Inga was beyond wonderful helping me customize it so that our little one could grow into these beautiful pieces of Montessori furniture. As soon as I assembled it, My daughter has been on it non-stop! Thank you so much for getting it to us! It was shipped super fast and arrived in perfect condition. Assembly was not difficult, first I was looking for directions but then I figured out how to put it together easily! Thanks again!

Indoor playground Hilltown Climber | Pikler climbing triangle set from Luula
Jennifer from Newyork


Beautifully made and works perfectly for my 4-year old’s Zoom school.
The little cubbies for pencils and things are helpful for keeping organized.
It was simple to assemble.

Childrens Montessori Furniture by Luula
Rosie from UK


It is fantastic - full set, so beautiful and well made. Climbing was also tried by a 12-year-old - it is really durable and safe! The slide is popular, but also the posibility to turn it into a play house is in high demand for kids. Both my small (1,5 and 4) love it, playing on it all day. I am also fighting for a place in the swinging arch at evening:)
I think- it will serve generations. Fast shipping, excellent communication too, assembly took some time, but we used an electric screwdriver- it was easy and fast. Highly recommended!

Patriks from Sweden

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