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worldwide delivery

EU delivery within 2-4 days*

14 days return


Do you ship to my country?

We offer dropshipping to customers all over the world (except Russia).

If you have problems when placing an order and entering your address, we will be happy to help you – ask us by email at [email protected]

How do I contact a Luula sales manager?

Write to us at [email protected]

Shipping time

Order preparation time:
1-3 working days

Delivery time:
Zone 1 – Northern part of the EU: 4-5 working days
Zone 2 – Southern part of the EU, Schengen zone: 6-12 working days
Zone 3 – USA, Middle East: 6-15 working days
Zone 4- Elsewhere in the world: 8-17 working days

When will my return be credited?

The purchase amount will be credited within 14 days after receiving your return or confirmation of return – always according to the payment method you chose when placing the order.

Can I pay in cash on delivery?

No, we do not currently offer such a service

Not confirmed that your return has arrived?

Don’t worry – we only confirm returns by email after we’ve checked it. This may take a few days. If you see on the tracking list that your package has arrived, please give us up to 14 days.

How can I track my delivery?

You will receive an e-mail when the package will be handed over to the courier. This post will include an interactive package tracking number that you can open. With its help, you will be able to check where your order is at any time.

I think the package took longer than I expected. What shall I do?

Please contact us at e-mail [email protected]. We will check the status of the shipment. If an unplanned problem has arisen, our specialists will get involved to solve it as soon as possible and provide all the necessary support for the delivery of the product.

Can I change again when and where my package will be delivered?

To change the address, we need to contact the specific courier service provider in your region. It is not always possible to change the addressee, because there is a sticker with the delivery address on the package, which is used by the supplier in your place of residence. Therefore, it is not always possible and will require additional costs.

Please contact us at [email protected].