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Through the tree, the child feels the vertical connection with the earth and the sky. Children can learn from trees: feel their soft structure, smooth surface, and smell. Wooden patterns allow you to feel the rhythm of nature – it is always unrepeatable, and unique. It reduces anxiety and provides an opportunity to touch nature in a limited living space in this electronic age. It creates a sense of peace as the tree reflects the sun.

We do not color our products. They are available only in natural color, with a pronounced natural wood pattern.

However, this does not mean that we recommend offering children only wooden toys. We support products that are created to stimulate children’s fantasy and imagination, develop spatial thinking, and the desire to create from various materials that come into our lives. Our main requirements for toys and learning materials are:

– to be 100% safe for children,

– so that they do not pollute the environment;

– to be made from recyclable materials.

Luula”s products fit perfectly into any interior: modern-contemporary, pop art, and will support vintage moods, rustic, and austere features of Lagom Scandinavian design style, and bold jeweled tones will also perfectly complement the current mixed-style interior. Because the light color of natural wood creates a neutral background in the room, it does not dominate, giving you the opportunity to bring variety to play with interior ideas of your choice into the playroom or living room.


In order for the products to retain their original shape for a long time – even for several generations, Luula’s Children Furniture is made of 15 mm thick certified laminated natural birch plywood, which ensures durability and safety throughout its use. The melamine coating of natural origin in a semi-transparent, opal-white color gives the surface not only additional durability but also a great appearance: it preserves the original, light-reflecting color of the wood, without turning it yellow. They are very easy to clean – they do not absorb paint. There, the surface is very smooth, pleasant to the touch. The edges are stained with beeswax.

I’ll tell you a little secret. You can draw on all Luula product laminated plywood surfaces with water-based easily erasable whiteboard markers or erasable chalk markers. Since the surface repels water, they are very easy to clean with a sponge or tissue moistened with water.


The furniture fabrics are extra high-quality, durable, and soft polyester. Fabric is functional, with easy clean, pet-friendly, and soft-touch properties. Fabrics were made out of recycled polyester. The mattress cover is easily removable. However, it is recommended to clean the furniture fabric with soapy water rather than washing it in the washing machine.