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Montessori Furniture for Contemporary Playroom

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Montessori Furniture for Modern Toddler Playroom

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Innowation Award Nominated Luula Table and Chair Set


About us

Luula is a family brand from Latvia, that produces original design children’s furniture of laminated natural birch plywood.

Luula’s kid’s furniture looking for opportunities to meet the child’s natural development needs in the everyday interior. The basic products are original, multisensory children’s tables and transformable indoor playground structures. We represent a playful yet straightforward aesthetic approach to design that accompanies harmonious family life, which is rooted in the Scandinavian traditions of simplicity. More than just a design brand, Luula creates childhood memories in real action and with attractive ideas.

It’s about each special day in a child’s life…

The child’s wishes always come from the heart – do you remember yourself? You couldn’t just stretch your hand and take whatever you like – you always had to ask someone for something. You needed to wait for someone. Mom… Dad… It seemed like the time has stopped…

What can be more important than those little hands that will hug you from happiness? Then there is a lot to tell about this special day. And then together… you build, draw, write, create different wonders… as usual, in the living room there is a stack of toys and a huge mess before bedtime.


Our story

Once when our daughter Selina Sara was 4 years old, we gave her a plastic board as a present. It was like magic – special paintings of chalk technology were created, letter and number games were played, birthday party plans were made and new ideas for various self-made games with mom and dad were also discovered and developed. At times, the board became a pricelist, a place to place favorite drawings, at times – a place to play Tic Tac Toe comfortably. But occasionally, the plastic board discovered the child’s hidden corners of the soul and their daily experiences and adventures.


Even with watercolors, it seemed easier for us to draw on the floor – at first. There the water tank will not spill any further than the ground. And only the floor, which is easy to clean, will splash. And on the floor is also a wide space for creative action with a paintbrush.


Our family friend Iveta is a teacher at Montessori School and she is raising a 3-year-old daughter. She wanted Mia to do what she likes best in the long winter evenings – playing in the sand. The small apartment denied the opportunity to buy a special sand table. So there was a need for a smaller version to close it when the sand games ended and the table could be used for other purposes as well. Optional storage of sand, plastics, books, constructors, dollhouses, etc. could be stored in the tank of the table. Therefore a great idea was born – we were looking for a table for kids with a small tank underneath.


To my first granddaughter, I wanted to give something special, something different as a present, when her room was already overflowing with gorgeous toys that could not attract her attention for longer than 5 minutes. Something that could help the child to develop and explore. As the northern latitudes force you to stay indoors for most of the winter, limiting the activity of children and the possibilities of environmental exploring, we wanted to give the child a sense of its special corner. With the ability to sit comfortably, draw, create, master, realize creative ideas, dream, express, play independently or together.

Because the opportunity to create is necessary, to teach you to love and accept yourself, others, and the world around you. Because creation makes you realize who you are in this great world. That’s a good start to a long life adventure!


So the table? A treasure box where to store accessories? A Blackboard or a Sandbox in the room? For toddlers who were still small? Also for our 8 years old Selina, she still would like to have one! So easily transformable for different needs and most importantly with adjustable height! And the kid’s playground every evening won’t be disrupted and stay the same until the next day. At which the child can spend time realizing his/her own thoughts with parents or friends, or completely independently.


We were browsing through online stores – the offers did not satisfy us.


So from that moment, we kept our dreams and ideas alive, which later turned into a business idea – to create a special personalized pre-school and primary school table for creative activities – Luu Table. The table should include the maximum number of favorite activities in a functional, natural environment. “I want to do it myself!” – does this phrase sounds any familiar to you? Well, let’s begin then! For children and their parents – when tiredness will prevail, the creative table will give relaxation for both, especially when the child will be playing and creating independently.


That’s how our Luu Table got created – according to the child’s ergonomic, physical, and emotional peculiarities of age development and cognition, as well as knowledge of developmental psychology. We are from Latvia – a place where one of the oldest languages and cultures in Europe come from. Luula is an ancient Latvian name. Luula is the one that protects and cherishes.


Our next projects will be designed to create additional equipment for the creative table that will be able to connect to the existing design. Let’s also look at the offer for school-age children. When people hear about our ideas, adults also ask – they also have their own dreams and needs. What exactly will these new gaming opportunities be – that for now will remain our little secret😊


Just be yourself – this is the time to create your own adventures! Enjoy it!

Meet our designers


Inga Sokolova is the author of the Luula concept and for the first product- creative table Luula. Only later, when the table gained wide popularity in 2020, a second, slightly smaller, transformable table Julle was created and in cooperation with physiotherapists – also Climber Sets. Additional shelves were developed to offer a set for the children’s room.

Her husband, Kalvis Sokolovs, is the co-founder of the new children’s furniture shopping site. The family started their business after being frustrated trying to buy the appropriate furniture for their children online. The short-term solutions offered by the traders did not satisfy Inga’s requirements for an aesthetic, natural, and accessible environment, nor did it allow the children to feel the determinants in their space that would serve them to their full potential. The current offer was boring. Inga wanted to change that. And new products were made. Each of them is unique. Each product is designed to be sustainable and passable to future generations, multifunctional, and easy to use on a daily basis.

The products are created by combining your mother’s experience in raising 3 children, with a diploma in product design and an understanding of a master’s degree in psychology. They make it easy to read the influence of the author’s wonderful sunny childhood on my grandmother in the countryside, which has turned into a light vintage touch. The products are patented – due to their uniqueness. As a result, they have quickly responded around the world: the first ‘long child’ to cross the border delights a family in faraway Australia.

“My goal is to create an offer in the children’s interior market, where you can browse a really practical and high-quality goods store from anywhere in the world, from your sofa. I intend to produce both children’s furniture and home decor and toys. We really are a lifestyle company. We want to cooperate with like-minded people – both designers and manufacturers of children’s products in creating new collections. The main value in our understanding is the child and the needs of its diverse expression. Just give time to creating a new adventure! ” Inga Sokolova


For over 20 years, 3D designer and product development manager by multinational companies in the furniture industry, shower cabins, bathroom accessories and lighting.
He began his experience as a designer from his early work in architects’ studies in Milan, and then went into the planning with the first 3D software.
Within the team of valid designers of the Cesana company, a manufacturer of shower enclosures, he has acquired in-depth know-how related to product research and development.
Eventually as head of product development at Welonda Italia of the Wella HairCare group – Procter & Gamble, he has developed numerous furniture components specific to the sector, collaborating closely with the designers of the Headquarter of Darmstad Germany.
The subsequent experience related to indoor and street lighting has further increased his experience as a designer and in product development.
In recent years, as well as collaborating as a consultant for some companies in the lighting and furniture sector, invited to propose his own concepts, he has created some furniture components, trying to combine simple lines, functionality with pleasant shapes.
For years he has worked closely with Italian and European designers and architects.
Fantasy and curiosity are part of his character.

More about designer: http://www.eziopescatori.com


Montessori Table and Chair Set Wheel


Luula in the international contact exchange "Korea Grand Sourcing Fair" South Korea, from 29.11.2022. until 30.11.2022

Luula’s participation in the international contact exchange “Korea Grand Sourcing Fair” organized by LIAA (Latvian Investment and Development Agency) in Seoul, South Korea, from 29.11.2022. until 30.11.2022 SETEC (Seoul Trade Exhibition & Convention)

Celebrating the arrival on the Asian market 🎉🎉🎉

It was a pleasure to get to know the unique culture of this part of the world and our new partners. Seoul’s vibrant culture and design originality will surely bring new breaths to Luula’s life philosophy. As well as there the age-old truths – peace on earth, a clean, unpolluted world, and enlightened people are certainly the highest priorities in the world and today acquire a new, even stronger relevance.

Latvian national stand at the exhibition "Kind + Jugend" September 2022, Cologne, Germany

For the second year in a row, Luula has had the honor of participating in the Kind + Jugend fair in Cologne, which is dedicated only to children, representing Latvia in the general stand organized by LIAA (Latvian Investment and Development Agency).

And HOORAY 🎉🎉🎉 we have brought home Luula’s first nomination for the Innovation Award from Europe’s largest children’s and youth goods exhibition! Thank you to all interested parties for the high evaluation – we hope for long and successful cooperation with all our new partners.

Thank you LIAA Latvia and Ilze Mičule 🤍
Thanks to the competent jury of Kind + Jugend and especially Nils Bader 🤍

Best regards, Kalvis Sokolovs, Dane Jansone, Inga Sokolova

Latvian national stand at the exhibition "COCOON 2021", 18-22. November, Brussels Expo

Brussels Expo with Luula kids furniture.

Thank you to the Honorary Consul of Latvia in Belgium Christophe Van Mechelen
we were glad for your visit and we are looking forward to active cooperation in the new year
#cocoon #brusselsexpo

Latvian national stand at the exhibition "Kind + Jugend" September 9-12. 2021, Cologne, Germany


Luula on Kind+Jugend, Cologne 2021
We were happy to meet you here💝


Latvian national stand at the exhibition "Korea Import Goods Fair" 22-24. July, 2021, Seoul

Embassy of Latvia in Korea 주한라트비아 대사관 This year, the Embassy is participating in the event by running a Latvian pavilion that features various products sent for display including Lat Eko Food, selling premium organic food products for babies and the whole family, Mottra Caviar, producing the highest quality black caviar as well as companies that offer wooden educational kids furniture, playhouses and toys such as Luula, Lil House, and Ette Tete


Kind + Jugend Innovation Award Nominated for Luula Set

Kind + Jugend 2022 Innovation Award Nominated for Luula Set

We congratulate and celebrate ✨ It is our first great honor to be recognized at the largest European exhibition in Europe

On April 30, 2020, SIA Luula has entered into agreement No. SKV-L-2020/25 with the Latvian Investment and Development Agency on receiving support under the measure “Promotion of International Competitiveness” co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund