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In early 2022, Luula was bestowed with a remarkable honor – an exclusive invitation from British VOGUE magazine to feature our products in their prestigious Spring 2022 editions. The letter we received from the magazine’s team expressed their admiration for our brand and a desire to collaborate on an exciting children’s campaign that would grace the pages of their April, May, and June issues, both in print and digitally.

The campaign, aptly titled ‘Vogue’s Little Lambs,’ was designed to introduce their discerning readership to a carefully curated selection of premium children’s brands, including Luula. With an audience of 796,000 readers and industry insiders, this was an opportunity to reach an affluent demographic that appreciates exceptional craftsmanship and unique offerings.

The pages dedicated to Luula were crafted in VOGUE’s distinctive editorial style, ensuring that our showcase would be presented as a coveted recommendation from the magazine itself. Each feature included a captivating image of our products and a concise biography.

As a result, our products graced the pages of the April, May, and June printed issues of British VOGUE, allowing our friends, customers, and enthusiasts to discover Luula through the discerning lens of the magazine’s esteemed editors. This collaboration was a testament to the exceptional quality and uniqueness of Luula’s offerings, and we were truly honored to be a part of VOGUE’s illustrious world for those unforgettable months.