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Climbing Arch/ Rocker

Climbing Arch/ Rocker



The Arch-Rocker serves both swing needs and balance exercises. There, it will be a great first obstacle for those who are learning to crawl!



Luula's Montessori climbing furniture has received RECOMMENDATIONS FROM PHYSIOTHERAPISTS. Because the angle of the arch/rocker is large enough and ergonomic to ensure a pleasant swing for both children and adults. And very importantly- rocking is safe because the arch cannot tip over. Our special solution - it is very easy to connect with all other components of the kit, thus offering a wide range of combination options. We offer the arch together with a mattress of appropriate size, which makes the possibilities of play and application even wider.


Arch is made of 15 mm thick natural eco-friendly and very durable birch plywood, which ensures durability and safety throughout its use. The surface of the material is covered with a transparent laminate coating in opal white color, which fully preserves the natural pattern of the wood and gently reflects daylight. The surface is very smooth, warm, and pleasant to the touch, at the same time making material hard to avoid ugly scratches, abrasions, or stained ink stains. The edges are treated with natural, slightly darker natural oil, thus easily marking the vintage style in the interior.

Arch dimensions:

Width 80 cm

Length 110 cm


Mattresses produced by professional manufacturers. It is made of a rigid foam rubber that does not change shape. We recommend not washing the fabric, but cleaning it because it is a durable furniture fabric (polyester). There is a neatly integrated zipper at one end.

Mattress dimensions:

110 x 78 x 3 cm

Luula’s indoor playgrounds are compliant with the European Union Harmonized Standards, HS code: 9506 91 90, which are internationally accepted