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Montessori Climbing Set | Table | Drawing Board NABU

Montessori Climbing Set | Table | Drawing Board NABU


Transformable into seating or shelves, with the ability to draw directly on the tabletop-like whiteboard, with an optional climbing ramp-slide for added adventure. Get ready to spark creativity and active play indoors!



Welcome to the world of Nabu – where playtime knows no bounds! 🌟

Inspired by the renowned Emmi Pikler climbing triangle, Nabu takes interactive play to the next level with its innovative design and multifunctional features. Say goodbye to ordinary play structures and hello to endless possibilities with Nabu's transformative elements.

Here's what sets Nabu apart:

1️⃣ Foldable Design: Nabu is designed with convenience in mind. Easily fold and unfold the climbing set for seamless storage and transport, allowing your child to enjoy active play anywhere, anytime.

2️⃣ Three-in-One Configuration: With Nabu, versatility is key. The set comprises climbing rungs, table segments, and steps that can be arranged to create either seating areas or shelves, fostering creativity and adaptability in play.

3️⃣ Optional Climbing Ramp-Slide: Take the fun to new heights by opting to include Nabu's climbing ramp-slide. Whether your little one loves climbing or sliding, this addition offers an extra layer of excitement to playtime.

4️⃣ Interactive Surface: Transform Nabu's tabletop into a canvas for creativity! With its chalk-friendly surface, children can unleash their artistic side by doodling with chalk or easily wiping away whiteboard marker marks for a fresh canvas every time.

Nabu isn't just a climbing set – it's a catalyst for exploration, creativity, and growth. By engaging in indoor climbing activities, children develop essential motor skills, spatial awareness, and confidence in a safe and stimulating environment.

Join the movement and unlock the endless possibilities of play with Nabu. Elevate your child's playtime experience and create memories that will last a lifetime.