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An original wall rack in the nursery? Meet our cool pegboard wall shelf! This unique pegboard offers endless possibilities!

Pegboards or a perforated wall, where the shelves are attached to special round sticks, is a multifunctional and modern interior element. It is perfect for your home, children's room, garage, office, cafe, concept store, or any other place where you think it is necessary. Special logs with a metal fastener embedded in the end will hold the shelf in place and prevent it from falling to the ground with all the things that will be on it.

DIRECTION OF PERFORATED WALL It is possible to attach the pegboard to the wall in both vertical and horizontal ways because the fixings built into the back allow it to be used in two ways, depending on which way it will fit best in your interior.

Important advantages at a glance

  • A super fun and original wall rack that you can organize yourself
  • Fits in every nursery thanks to its timeless look
  • Ideal to place or hang some beautiful things

Standard included

  • 1 piece perforated board 600x800mm ( 23,6" x 31,5")
  • 1 piece shelf 150x300mm (5,9" x 11,8")
  • 1 piece shelf 150x400mm (5,9" x 15,75")
  • 1 piece shelf 150x500mm (5,9" x 19,7")
  • 8 pcs round wooden brackets with metal fixing
  • 2 pcs round wooden brackets without metal fixing (for hanging goods)
  • 4 pcs button-fix fasteners so that the perforated wall can be fixed to the wall

Important specifications

  • Dimensions: 80 x 60 x 15 cm
  • Material: Certificated laminated birch plywood

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