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Light Panel

Light Panel



A new exclusive design ultra slim light panel, with a golden finish alu-alloy frame, Type-C power input, 12V or 5V optional.


Capture your child's imagination with our Luula® LED light panels. A fascinating way for your child to explore light, colors, and shapes. Draw with blackboard markers, and play shadow games - new feelings will help both your child's learning and the development of creativity! As is known, the light source helps children to concentrate in one plane, for one specific task. Game elements and a person's natural attraction to the light source attract attention and improve the mood - especially on the long winter evenings.

The panel is slimline with safe rounded edges, and adjustable light level settings. It is robust, portable, and easy to wipe clean with damp soft tissue.

An exciting and engaging sensory experience for children that will allow them to investigate natural and man-made objects, color mixing, shapes and patterns and so much more! Combine with our light panel accessories to create exciting activities for your child. The best chalk markers for drawing on a blackboard are easy-to-clean chalk markers.

Light Board keeps kids' concentration for longer than usual and they are interested in finding out how it worked and how it changes.

Size: 50 x 35 cm / 20 x 13.8 in

Light panels are certified according to EU legislation.

> touch the power button once: turn on / light up
> touch the power button a 2nd time: turn off
> touch the power button and keep pressing it when it is bright: decrease brightness
> touch the power button and keep pressing it when it dark: increase brightness