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Adjustable Children Montessori Table and Chair set LUULA

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Adjustable Children Montessori Table and Chair set LUULA



Adjustable height and multifunctionality make the set for sensory play and learning throughout the preschool and primary school period – from the age of 18 months to the adolescent age.

As a bonus, the set includes a transparent acrylic board and a roll of paper



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When it's raining and the child's time is tooo long, but yours - to short, open the gateway to a dream adventure! Luula Table Set is designed for learning or just playing. The set has an adjustable height, which will allow it to be used from the time the child begins to sit independently at the table until adolescence. It's given for your child his first individual place where the children can arrange his inner world and be creative in many ways. The table will make the work of development specialists easier and will free your child from screens at home!

"Help me to do it by myself!" - these famous words by Maria Montessori. Luula Table will give the child independent opportunities to work. Designed for Pre- and Primary Schoolers can be easily transformed into a table for learning or just playing. The table will give the child independent opportunities to work, helping to maintain a certain order and cleanliness in the living space:

- to be creative and independently plan an activity - to draw and write using different types of stationery and colors;

- learn in an attractive, multisensory way, inventing and involving new, innovative elements of play in learning;

- to develop spatial thinking - to work with kinetic or ordinary sand, plasticine, or small toys in table storage;

- the edges of the table provide a sense of personal space and security, reduce stress, and encourage creativity;

- when the game is interrupted, the table can be locked to resume later.

With grandmother or dad, with friends, or independently - immersing in an exciting, creative illusion and adventure world!




Material and safety. The table is made of 15 mm thick natural and very durable birch plywood, which ensures durability and safety throughout its use. The surface of the material is covered with a transparent laminate coating in opal white color, which fully preserves the natural pattern of the wood and gently reflects daylight. The surface is very smooth, warm, and pleasant to the touch, at the same time making the material hard to avoid ugly scratches, abrasions, or stained ink stains. The edges are treated with natural, slightly darker natural oil, thus easily marking the vintage style in the interior.

Dimension of a table:

Overall height: 81 cm (27,5 in)

Surface height: (min/ max): 49 / 67 cm (17,8 / 25,5 in)

Tabletop: 90 x 50 cm (35,5 x 20 in)

Lifting surface dimensions: 50 x 55 cm/ 19,7 x 21,7 in)
Product weight: 22 kg

Dimension of a chair:

Seat dimensions: 36 x 28

Height: 66 cm

Adjustable seat height: 28-42 cm

Set weight: 28 kg


All Luula’s products meet the following standards: http://eurlex.europa.eu/legalcontent/EN/TXT/uri=CELEX:32009L0048&locale=en
The product is compliant with the European Union Harmonized Standards for Safety that are internationally accepted (Directive 2009/48 / EC)