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Multiplication Wall Board

Multiplication Wall Board


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If you are tired of repeating that 7 x 8 = 56 and you want to turn the learning of the numerator into an exciting game, this board is for you! For a children's room, kitchen, living room - its simple design and attractive solution will be a convenient for any interior. Just choose carefully what to write with - the inscription can be easy to clean, but it also can be saved for life😊

This board is made of 0.2 in or 0.5 cm thick acrylic boards. They are cut on CNC workbenches with a laser, which slightly melts the outer edges. As a result, the edges are perfectly smooth, round, without sanding marks. The multiplication on the board is also engraved with the help of a laser engraver on the other side.

The board is designed for wall mounting. However Luula Ltd. acrylic boards are also compatible with our children's creative table, about which you can find information in our Etsy store LuuTable. Just choose dry erase markers :)

Our collection is based on the wishes of children and the needs of parents. Parents dream of a creative young generation in a beautiful and tidy house. Children long for independent creation and revealing secrets. Just be yourself - this is the time for creating a new adventures! Enjoy it!

Dimensions in centimeters:
Width 50 cm
Height 35 cm
Board weight: 1 kg