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Trekant Climber Set with Ramp

Trekant Climber Set with Ramp


Stairsteps create a rhythm that invites you to conquer and move. The child actively perceives the environment, analyzes it, and synchronizes with his movements. Climbing, sliding, logical thinking, coordination of movements, orientation in space, spatial sense, balance, muscle strength, belief in one’s ability- Trikant Climber Set not only makes the day exciting but is also an excellent teacher



Foldable Climbing Triangle Set with a Sliding Ramp Inspired by Emmi Pikler serves both as the first challenge that can be learned to overcome, both a dream house and a table for lovely games. Pikabuu- where is the baby hiding?

When a person comes into the world, God endows him with a dose of energy so that he can learn and fight for his essence and place throughout his life. But man has created such a comfortable living environment that it is quite difficult for children to realize this energy. Emmi Pikler created an idea 100 years ago - ingeniously simple, as old as the world. Climbing ladders for children to be able to realize their natural development needs in a comfortable environment. The ladder steps create a rhythm that invites you to conquer and move. Both arms and legs are used during climbing. The child actively perceives the environment, analyzes it, and synchronizes with his movements🌈

The height of the triangle is 90 cm, and the length of the slats is 104 cm.

Ramp. Wooden hooks are mounted at one end of the ramp. Both ends can be connected with a triangle or other climbing components, making them versatile and long-lasting.  The ramp serves as a table along with the playhouse. For babies complete with a ramp, this will be the perfect first hurdle to overcome.

Ramp dimensions:
Length: 115 cm
Width: 40 cm

Material and safety. The Trekant Climber is made of 15 mm thick natural and very durable birch plywood, which ensures durability and safety throughout its use. The surface of the material is covered with a transparent laminate coating in opal white color, which fully preserves the natural pattern of the wood and gently reflects daylight. The surface is very smooth, warm, and pleasant to the touch, at the same time making material hard to avoid ugly scratches, abrasions, or stained ink stains. The edges are treated with natural, slightly darker natural oil, thus easily marking the vintage style in the interior. This model provides extra stability and durability - even if the triangle is tried by an adult.

We recommend: never leaving your children unattended!

Weight capacity: 60 kg

All set weight: 17 kg

Luula's indoor playgrounds are compliant with the European Union Harmonized Standards, HS code: 9506 91 90, that are internationally accepted


Eve Nadine from Germany