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Montessori Learning Tower| Kitchen Helper| Baby High Chair LOUIS

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Montessori Learning Tower| Kitchen Helper| Baby High Chair LOUIS



Adjustable high chair, from the time when the child is sitting firmly until the time when he will be able to settle himself in it, with a simple movement turns into a comfortable learning tower or a chair for guests when you feel like sipping coffee in the kitchen. Compact, easily transformable, and with adjustable height – comfortable and practical for both a baby and a small kitchen


This kitchen learning tower is perfect for all sorts of activities. Meal preparation and cooking are the most common functions allowing little ones to feel a bit more grown-up. It works perfectly as a learning tower, not just an additional kitchen footstool.

The Kitchen helper allows children to cooperate in all these activities in a fun, safe, and secure way. As a true learning tower, your child can develop their fine motor skills as well as learn from your example. Furthermore, activities such as this help to strengthen the bond between parent and child.

The design of the toddler kitchen tower step stool means your toddler can safely stand at the right height with a safety bar in place. The safety stand tower has an adjustable height platform to accommodate different ages. This ensures not only a comfortable working position but a safe one. The use of the tower will prevent your toddler from climbing on chairs or stools where they can easily fall.

The high chair/kitchen helper with adjustable height will serve not only for the baby but also as a perfect chair in the kitchen for the guests of mom and dad. It is safe for guests weighing up to 100 kg, so it will be very convenient for Grandma to climb the high shelves. But while the baby is visiting outside the house, the child's chair will serve as a flower stand of excellent design.

DEAR PARENTS, we draw your attention to:
The Luis high chair is suitable for children from the age when they are ready to sit independently. To ensure easy to transform and versatile to use, it does not come with a 5-point harness.
Never leave children unattended! Do not leave sharp objects and hot or dangerous substances near children. Make sure the kitchen step is placed on a flat, level surface. It is solely your responsibility to evaluate what activities your baby chooses when in the high chair or learning tower.


Playtime, meals, first small chores, arts & crafts, cooking with Mum & Dad – it’s never been so easy or so much fun!

Width: 45 cm
Height: 90 cm
Depth: 50 cm
Weight: 9 kg
All Luula’s products meet the following standards: http://eurlex.europa.eu/legalcontent/EN/TXT/uri=CELEX:32009L0048&locale=en
The product is compliant with the European Union Harmonized Standards for Safety that are internationally accepted (Directive 2009/48 / EC)

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