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Montessori Cube Table and Chair

Montessori Cube Table and Chair



Montessori Cube Table and Chair – Weaning Table and/or Chair will serve the little ones

A cube chair is the perfect first chair or weaning chair for your child! The child can get in and out independently. The high sides and back offer support, so even if your child is still a bit wobbly when sitting upright, this sturdy seat is perfect! It can be used for about 6 months.

It has two different seating heights, you simply flip it upside down when your child grows. The back of the second chair serves as a stable table. But when the baby has grown up, turning the chair upside down will make it higher and last longer.

Our furniture is designed to stimulate independence.

Dimensions of the chair:

38 cm x 38 cm x 38 cm
height of the 1st seat 26 cm
2nd seat height 13 cm

The set is made of 15 mm thick certificated laminated natural birch plywood, which ensures durability and safety throughout its use. The edges are stained with beeswax.

All Luula's products meet the following standards: http://eurlex.europa.eu/legalcontent/EN/TXT/uri=CELEX:32009L0048&locale=en
The activity structure is compliant with the European Union Harmonized Standards for Safety that are internationally accepted (Directive 2009/48 / EC)