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Adjustable Art Table and Chair Set Julle

Adjustable Art Table and Chair Set Julle


Adjustable multifunctional play, art, and learning kid’s desk and chair set Julle for multisensory activities.

Bonus – the set includes a clear acrylic board and a roll of paper



Sensory Table presentation PDF download

The original design of Luula's children's furniture is based on the guiding principles of Montessori pedagogy. Easily accessible objects in an accessible place suitable for the child's physiological needs allow the child to plan activities independently.

Adjustable kids desk Julle is designed for toddlers from 2 up to 10 years and can be easily transformed into a table for learning or just playing.
Paper roll on the left side of the table, chalk blackboard and erasable clear acrylic board, storage for sand or books, water bowl holder, so that it does not tip over, when kids making art, niches for pencils or constructor parts will provide the opportunity for drawing, writing, counting, creating, working with different natural materials, with grandmother or dad, friends, or independently - immersing in an exciting, creative illusion and adventure world! It is important that the child not only feels good in a beautiful interior but also integrates into it - with games, jokes, passion, and dreams - in a safe, creative, and natural environment.

✨ When you open the upper part of JulleTable you can transform it into a blackboard and write there with chalk; you can also use the upper part to display your drawings and photos.
✨ Inside the Julle Table is possible to store - kinetic or normal sand, books, paint and coloring materials, small toys, dollhouses or make race car tracks, etc.
✨ An extra bonus is the transparent plastic board. It can be used for copying drawings, drawing with marker pens, creating an environment for your toys, and it also can be used for making sand drawings.

✨ It is possible to add other clear boards from Luula to the table - for example, a planner, a multiplication, or others.

✨ A closed Julle Table is a reliable desk that can also be used to place a tablet or phone if needed, for example, to re-draw something.
✨ The Julle Table has a table-mounted key that will secure the position of the lifting board in an open or closed position, thereby increasing the safety of use for preschool children, while offering pupils a personal shelf/safe that can only be accessed by its owner.
✨ Julle Table has a built-in paper roll, which helps to maintain a clean environment and also lets the kids draw on the paper roll if desired.
✨ On the right-hand side, there are stationary and water dish holders that ensure the storage stability of these items, as well as the ability to store other small items/ toys. They are easy to remove, so they can be assembled and cleaned easily.


The chair is designed to serve the entire preschool and primary school period. From the age of 2, the baby will be able to feel safe and stable in the chair, because the armrests will not allow him to fall off the chair. The legs of the chair are wider to the outside and connected at the bottom, which allows it to remain stable even on uneven surfaces. In turn, the armrests of a school-age child will be lower so as not to restrict movement. The armrests are not in top mode. Physiotherapists recommend that students choose chairs without armrests so that they do not become accustomed to sitting at a table at an angle - leaning against the support with one hand when doing homework.

The seat is padded so that the edge of the seat does not press against the thighs. The back padding is removable. It is secured with adhesive tape. You will be able to choose the height at which the soft backrest is needed! The material is ecological velvet furniture fabric in mint green, which will fit into any interior because it is not bright and is similar to the color of houseplants.

By choosing Luula's ergonomically designed chair, as your child grows, you will not have to buy another chair for your baby for each age group !!

The table and chair set is made out of ecological very durable natural birch plywood. The surface of the table is covered with a transparent laminate coating, making it hard enough to avoid ugly scratches, abrasions, or stained ink stains. The edges are treated with natural, slightly darker stains, thus easily marking the vintage style in the interior.

Simple Julle Table foot frame and fastening solutions, combined with the original design, ensure the table's durability and stability during active use. Because of these features, it can serve several generations, if necessary, while meeting the widest design requirements. Creative Luu Table will fit perfectly in the nursery and will be a compact solution for the kids' corner in the living room. It will be useful for those who want to enjoy contemporary, elegant, and functional design.

Dimension of a table:

Overall height: 70 cm (27,5 in)
Surface height (min/ max): 50 / 60 cm (20 / 23,5 in)
Tabletop: 80 x 50 cm (31,5 x 20 in)
Product weight: 18 kg

Dimension of a chair:

Seat height 26-40 cm
Seat width 28.5 cm
Armrests height 40 cm
Back height 59 cm

All Luula’s products meet the following standards: http://eurlex.europa.eu/legalcontent/EN/TXT/uri=CELEX:32009L0048&locale=en
The product is compliant with the European Union Harmonized Standards for Safety that are internationally accepted (Directive 2009/48 / EC)