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Adjustable Children Chair Luula

Adjustable Children Chair Luula



An adjustable ergonomic chair for children from 3 to 12 years

Ideal for use with the Multisensor Art Table Luula



The chair is designed to serve the entire pre-school and primary school period. From the age of 2, the baby will be able to feel safe and stable in the chair. In turn, the armrests of a school-age child will be lower so as not to restrict movement. The chairs can be used up to age 12. The seat is padded. The back padding is removable. You will be able to choose the height at which the soft backrest is needed. By choosing Luula's ergonomically designed chair, as your child grows, you will not have to buy another chair for your baby for each age group


Seat dimensions: 36 x 28

Chair height: 66 cm

Adjustable seat height: 28-42 cm

Technical specifications