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Dārta Eleonora Muižniece

Children Physical Therapist

Darta was the first customer to purchase a Luula Climber Set for her 6-month-old baby to later use in her physical therapy practice. First, one triangle, an arch, and a ramp were purchased – Albero Set with a mattress.

It was chosen because Darta liked the swing arch: it was ergonomically designed, with a safe swing angle. The arch cannot tip over if the child moves quickly in it. But upside down, it’s great for babies learning to crawl.

She loved how easy it was to transform the climber according to her child’s needs and abilities – for smaller children, it can be made at a wide angle – very low, while at a right angle, it also works excellently as a play gym.

As the baby grew, Darta also bought another triangle to make the play gym more challenging for the child therefore helping him learn new skills, and build more strength and stability while also developing problem-solving. “My kid loves climbing, sliding, and hanging activities, but when we add a ball pit to the mix, it brings even more fun for my kid and his friends,” says Darta. “The set is irreplaceable in our family’s everyday life and probably one of the best purchases for my kids. One day it is mostly used for sliding into the ball pit, but, the very next day I can transform it and make a challenging climbing and stability track. I know that this climbing equipment allows my kid to grow strong develop well and learn new skills every day. It will be even more fun when another baby joins the brother soon. By having two triangles, I will be able to offer both of my children the right setup according to their abilities”

Darta right now is experimenting with different types of setups with the climber set and, with the help of her own children, learning the most effective ways for child development. After a few years spent at home with her kids, the climber set will be used at a physiotherapy practice where it will be enjoyed by many more children.