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We believe that our children are their own risk assessors, especially when it comes to climbing equipment, you’ll be surprised what they can do!

Lately, I’ve been seeing more and more people interested in the Pikler Triangle, so I decided to tell you about it.

One of the most important preconditions – never, never put, push, do not lie under, and do not sit the child on the Pikler triangle. Put it in the room and let the child explore, understand and feel his or her ability. Be sure to be close at first, but do not touch the child, just be supportive. Children will usually not do anything they are afraid of. They climb as high as they are not afraid, put their foot only on the step they feel safe about. If we are the ones who place the child somewhere, then he does not already know how to get to this position – how to get where he is, so it is not completely clear how to get down / off and feel insecure.

For us, this Pikler triangle is from a time when Anna wasn’t walking yet. Used by all 4 children (including the older 7 and 11-year-olds), no one has fallen, because everyone is familiar with it at their own pace, within their abilities. I know that some put these triangles on soft carpets, we stand on the bare floor. I feel very confident about my children’s ability (currently Leo is already 2 years 3 months old), so it’s freely available and I’m home, but it’s not like running to sit next to me. With younger children – should be allowed independently, but with care. Independent play and exploration do not mean careless play.

What do children develop with the Pikler triangle? Climbing, crawling, swinging (moving legs and swinging) skills, logical thinking, coordination (how to crawl), balance, muscle strength, faith in your ability. In our home, the Pikler triangle is also used for house building games, covering with blankets, and also for games with everything that rolls – balls, cars – everything is slid along the part of the slide.

We bought the Pikler triangle at a time when Anna was crawling everywhere – on chairs, on windowsills, on sofas – she was everywhere. The children themselves showed that they had a strong, natural desire to climb. All those places and things were less secure for such attempts to climb than the Pikler triangle. This triangle is designed straight for children to crawl on. That alone makes it safer for me.

I think, as with many things in our home, here too our success story in that it is really actively used is that there are many users – children watch from each other and it also stands in the living room very visible and accessible.

What do children develop with Emmi Pikler’s inspired Hilltown Climber set? Climbing, sliding, swinging skills, logical thinking, coordination of movements, orientation in space, spatial sense, balance, muscle strength, and belief in one’s ability. The rocker/ arch can serve as a great relaxing object even for adults. In playhouse games, it can be covered with blankets. It serves as a table for schoolers. And also games with everything that rolls – balls, cars – where everything is slid over the slide – children find a great deal of joy and energy.

I wish you find the most suitable for you and enjoy the time when your baby is so moving!

Best wishes- Diane