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Wooden creative puzzle RAINBOW- SPRING

Wooden creative puzzle RAINBOW- SPRING


We learn the properties of objects: shape, color, and size

Size: 12×9 cm
Material: wood

Help your baby get to know the main features of the surrounding objects and explore with them the concepts and differences of shape, size, and color!

The shape and size of the object are the first features that a child learns at an early age by getting to know the surrounding objects. Over time, we also add color. To make it easier for the child to learn, involve these elements in the play. This teaching material will help children get an idea that everything farther away from us looks smaller in nature. It will also serve as an exciting cognitive material that happens to objects that are hidden. And of course, will develop the skills to visually determine the size of each object and place them in the correct order.

Based on the basic principles of Montessori pedagogy, we recommend that you first let the baby get to know this toy for himself. Once your baby is visually familiar with this, you can add a self-made story or fairy tale about the mountain brothers, unleashing curiosity about the miraculous sister rainbows that shine brighter than each other.

Task: assemble the shapes according to the appropriate dimensions and create different color combinations