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Did you know that writing with chalk on a vertical plane develops a proper grip on stationery? It turns out that by taking a small piece of writing in our hands and pointing our hand up, we are all forced to create the right grip.

We know many different exercises that develop finger motor skills for writing. We can draw letters with our fingers in the sand, create outlines of numbers from small objects, swirl, scroll, twist various materials.

Multi Sensory Play &Learning Table Desk for Children with Hyperactivity Luula
Together with Luula Table, it is possible not only to work with Montessori materials but also you are invited to diversify your learning experience with an interesting challenge – to tell instructive stories and self-made tales with the help of sensory games

But in recent months, since Luula’s desk was handed over for testing at family support centers, we’ve achieved amazing results with blackboard training. In addition to the fact that the black chalkboard offers a very wide range of possibilities to diversify cognitive toys, on average five out of seven children take chalk in their hands “correctly”, although so far they have held the pens with their whole palms.

Luula Acrylic clear board from Julle Table
How to teach a child the correct grip of a pencil

Can the child copy a straight line (horizontal, then vertical) or a circle? Can they draw a face or a person? Teach him to copy first the horizontal line, then the vertical line, the diagonal line than the circle.

Luula Table - Kids Desk with Blackboard and Sand Table
A kids desk that features a work surface with lifting open black board for chalk drawing

Once the child has mastered this, offer to place the transparent acrylic board directly on the blackboard drawing. It will be possible not only to copy the drawing, but also to supplement and delete it – for example, by adding leaves to the tree in summer, but snow in winter