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The basket is a craft-made product from the highest quality natural color wicker. Functional, very practical, it will be perfect for storing toys and treasures of your toddler

Handmade wicker baskets on wheels can become the home organizing equipment you are looking for in any room for any storage purpose. You can store toys in your children's playroom, scarves and hats in the wardrobe, vegetables, and greens for the kitchen, books in your living room - Your choice!

A durable handle allows you to conveniently pull the basket, while the wooden wheels covered with rubber tires allow you to carry the basket to any place. With the wheels under their feet, these storage baskets can be moved around stress-free without leaving a scratch on your floor. They are easy to pull out and in!

Thanks to the solid and precise workmanship, you can be sure that the basket will last a long time. You'll never have to look for any replacement in years.

Technical specifications

height with handle: 62 cm

height without handle: 35 cm

width in the middle of the basket: 28 cm

depth in the middle of the basket: 24.5 cm