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Julle: Montessori Children Table And Chair Set

We Work For a Better Tomorrow

We celebrate the ancient wisdom in the modern spirit, where the greatest value of every family is the child. We want to create a cozy and respectful environment where children can fully realize themselves.

We want to bring the refreshing breath of nature into the everyday interior, to live more sustainably. In the search for a balance of contemporary things / natural, renewable materials; balance of clean environment / space where children can be creative; balance of grandparents’ experience and love / learning the latest technologies, we learn from children and grow. It can be difficult to navigate good and bad, right and wrong. As a design company, we see it as our responsibility to lead the way – to inspire change and help all of us make responsible choices.

To help us achieve this, we embrace our responsibility holistically and weave a mindset of sustainability into every corner of our business. Every day, each department works on initiatives, projects, and actions together with child development specialists – psychologists and physiotherapists. From the choice of materials and our design processes to production methods, the logistics of delivery, and the way we shape our culture- we make great efforts when working in an international team.

We want our designs to last – both in terms of function and aesthetics. In our quest to achieve this, we employ strict sustainability criteria and work within a set framework of practices. We believe it is our responsibility to ensure that the “environment grows with the child’s” so that the products last from the age of a few months until the time when adult furniture is suitable for the child. The fewer materials used = the nature preserved = the long the service life = the saved family resources for other needs.

Therefore, our approach is to consider the entire life cycle of our products and work to ensure that our products are mostly made from responsible, the most durable, certified materials that can serve even several generations.

We are committed to responsible production. We work with certifications and testing to ensure working conditions in our supply chain are safe and fair, and that our products are responsibly produced and of high quality.

It’s an ongoing journey and we know there will be dilemmas and bumps along the way. By contributing to the important and ongoing dialogue on sustainability, and by helping each other leverage insights to learn and grow, we are all working towards a better tomorrow.

We create a sustainable environment where children create their dreams to turn into a great future.

design philasophy

We take pride in creating products that help to grow creative personalities. Luula’s kid’s equipment looking for opportunities to meet the child’s natural development needs in the everyday interior. We want to create a space for ourselves and our children where we can be together and feel at home. More than just a design brand, Luula creates childhood memories in real action and with attractive ideas.

Inga Sokolova, the author of Luula’s product designs, has studied both industrial designs and has a master’s degree in social psychology. She originally realized her knowledge by combining it with her personal experience of raising three children. Therefore, the design of our products is based on the findings of research conducted by the leading schools of child development theories today: the most popular of them are John Bowlby, Waldorf school, Maria Montessori and Emma Pikler, etc.

Inga realized some unique ideas that served in the interior of her own children’s playroom. The determining priorities were:
– create an environment where children are never bored,
– look for possibilities to replace the screen with exciting, fantasy-stimulating activities that promote children’s creativity and development in general,
– “everything within arm’s reach” – independent access to all materials and their arrangement,
– opportunities to move children’s equipment to where it is most needed – either in the nursery or, if necessary, near the parents,
– to create a collection that lasts for many years – furniture “grows with the child” and is able to serve all the time, which is called childhood,
– all this must be aesthetic, contemporary, easily coordinated with other interior objects, easy to maintain, ergonomic, and easy to use.

We want to draw your attention to a more responsible lifestyle – we want to inspire people to live a more mindful and sustainable everyday life. This means buying less, buying better, and keeping things in use for longer.

Therefore, we design to create adjustable multifunctional products that last both in terms of different functions, for a long period of the child’s life, and for aesthetics. With a passion for authentic design and clear functionality, we create high-quality children’s products, made from responsible materials and with a lasting contemporary appeal. It’s this attention that creates emotional and high lifetime value potential.

Luula’s design is based on a passion for authentic, clear functionality, which is rooted in the Scandinavian traditions of simplicity. Practical, beautiful, exciting, creative, and developing. Our product’s naturalness easily fits into practically any interior.

Our collection is based on the wishes of children and the needs of parents. Parents dream of a creative young generation in a beautiful and tidy house. Children long for independent creation and revealing secrets. Enjoy your time – create yourself!

Enjoy it!

eco materials

Through the tree, the child feels the vertical connection with the earth and the sky. Children can learn from trees: feel their soft structure, smooth surface, and smell. Wooden patterns allow you to feel the rhythm of nature – it is always unrepeatable, and unique. It reduces anxiety and provides an opportunity to touch nature in a limited living space in this electronic age. It creates a sense of peace as the tree reflects the sun.

In order for the products to retain their original shape for a long time – even for several generations, Luula’s Children Furniture is made of 15 mm thick certified laminated natural birch plywood, which ensures durability and safety throughout its use. The melamine coating of natural origin in a semi-transparent, opal-white color gives the surface not only additional durability but also a great appearance: it preserves the original, light-reflecting color of the wood, without turning it yellow. They are very easy to clean – they do not absorb paint. There, the surface is very smooth, pleasant to the touch. The edges are stained with beeswax.

We do not color our products. They are available only in natural color, with a pronounced natural wood pattern.

However, this does not mean that we recommend offering children only wooden toys. We support products that are created to stimulate children’s fantasy and imagination, develop spatial thinking, and the desire to create from various materials that come into our lives. Our main requirements for toys and learning materials are:

– to be 100% safe for children,

– so that they do not pollute the environment;

– to be made from recyclable materials.

The furniture fabrics are extra high-quality, durable, and soft polyester. Fabric is functional, with easy clean, pet-friendly, and soft touch properties. Fabrics were made out of recycled polyester. The mattress cover is easily removable. However, it is recommended to clean the furniture fabric with soapy water rather than washing it in the washing machine.

Luula”s products fit perfectly into any interior: modern-contemporary, pop art, and will support vintage moods, rustic, and austere features of lagom Scandinavian design style, and bold jeweled tones will also perfectly complement the current mixed-style interior. Because the light color of natural wood creates a neutral background in the room, it does not dominate, giving you the opportunity to bring variety to play with interior ideas of your choice into the playroom or living room.


EU handmade

We work in close partnership with some of the most talented craftsmen and carpenters. All Luula’s upholstered and wooden furniture is produced in Europe, Latvia, in several FSC-certified factories. Parts are made with modern CNC technologies. However, edging involves a lot of manual labor as each part is machined individually. There is a lot of handworks here – the edges are treated with a natural, slightly darker oil. The furniture parts, which are sent already assembled, are assembled by carpenters with many years of professional experience.

To protect workers’ rights and ensure safe and healthy working environments, all our key supplies are contracted among other things to obtain BSCI certification and agree with our Code of Conduct. Luula is a responsible company for its customers, producers, and the country. Throughout our supply chain, we nurture long-lasting relationships based on mutual value creation, respectful behavior, and transparent communication.

We open up our world for everyone to be inspired and, by sharing supplier and production stories, we invite people behind the scenes and into the journey of our products.

The common development of all of us is based on the principles of transparent and fair treatment. We are committed to sourcing and producing our products responsibly. This is the only right way to achieve the integrity and development of society as a whole.


recyclable packaging

Luula’s children’s furniture is delivered to customers disassembled. The exception is parts that require more time and the skills of a carpenter to assemble – for example, table tops with a lift-up board. The packaging is accompanied by assembly instructions, which are also available on www.luu.la under the description of each product.

Since the products are made of durable and heavy material, we use four-fold cardboard for product packaging. It is a recyclable, ecological, and biodegradable material. Corrugated cardboard can be recycled and reused up to 6/7 times, meaning fewer products are sent to a landfill. Being fully biodegradable, the product breaks down quickly if sent to a landfill.

In order to guarantee greater product safety during transportation, the parts are carefully wrapped by hand in food-grade film, which is also a recycled material.

fast shipping


Order preparation time:
1-3 working days

Delivery time:
Zone 1 – Northern part of the EU: 4-5 working days
Zone 2 – Southern part of the EU, Schengen zone: 6-12 working days
Zone 3 – USA, Middle East: 6-15 working days
Zone 4- Elsewhere in the world: 8-17 working days



For the shipment of products, we attract different cargo transport companies in each region, which ensure the quality of service at the highest level.

We offer the shipping of our products to customers all over the world (except Russia).


If you have questions when placing an order and entering your address, we will be happy to help you – ask us by email at [email protected]

security certificates

All Luula’s furniture has been manufactured under European Union Harmonised Standards Toys Safety regulations that are internationally accepted (directive 2009/48/EC)


customer service 5/7

In order to ensure fast delivery of products to the address specified by customers, we always make sure that our product stocks are replenished in time.

Since the entire production process is ensured in the EU – in several certified factories in Latvia, the product range is replenished depending on the volume of orders. For example, we receive the most orders in the pre-Christmas period. Stocks are especially carefully prepared and replenished for this period.

Luula’s products are stored in the warehouse and shipped within 1-3 working days after receiving the order